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Who is responsible for clearing snow off my sidewalk?

Each and every owner or owners and/or occupant or occupants of land abutting on a street within the city, every agent of any nonresident owner of such land within the city and every person or persons having charge of any church or public building situated upon any such land within the city, at times during the season of frost and snow is responsible for keeping the sidewalk and gutters in front of their respective properties free from snow and ice whenever the same can be kept free of the same. Whenever said sidewalk cannot be kept free from snow and ice as aforesaid by reason of the intensity of the frost, the same shall be kept strewn with ashes, sand or other materials in such manner as to enable persons to walk thereon with safety. Snow and ice must be removed from their sidewalks as aforesaid within 12 hours after each and every snowstorm has abated; and at any time within said period of 12 hours, upon service of a written order or notice of the Superintendent or of any police officer of the City to that effect. In the event that any owner, occupant and/or agent of any such land within the City shall fail to comply with the provisions of this article, the City may, at its discretion, contract for the removal of snow and ice. The cost for the City to remove any ice or snow which will obstruct the same or make it unsafe for pedestrians shall be set at $100. If it becomes necessary for the City to contract out for said removal of snow and ice, the cost shall be added to the tax bill of the abutting property owner for the removal of the snow and ice. For further information, please see the City of Kingston’s Code website for snow and ice removal.
Updated 4/7/2017 4:17 PM
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