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Am I permitted to park on a city street during a snow event?

Category: Push back snow
When a snow emergency is called into effect, a parking ban is initiated and it is required that all vehicles be removed from City streets once the emergency is put into place. For those who do not have off-street parking, alternative designated parking is available at the following locations: Uptown Area – North Front Street lots, Former Parking Garage area, and the Dietz Stadium lot. (Please note that Dietz Stadium lot are available for overnight parking, but please do not park near the large piles of snow that will be removed throughout the night.) Midtown Area – Sea Deli lot, Hodge Center, Cornell Street lot, Prince Street lot, and the Church at Franklin Street lot. Lot next to Arace, Broadway Commons (Former Kings Inn Lot) Downtown Area – Dock Street lot (behind Mariner’s Harbor), both lots on Dock Street (on Rondout under bridge), Visitor’s Center lot, Abeel Street (passed The Armadillo), the Trolley Museum lot and Kingston point Beach lot. *Vehicles should be removed from these lots within 24 hours after the snow emergency ends. Any vehicles left in these lots may be ticketed and towed.*
Updated 4/7/2017 4:19 PM
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